The Arc of Love

Love creates us.

Love translates us.

Love defines us.

Love refines us.

Love sustains us.

And, in the end

Love explains us.

by Kevin Fickenscher

For Valentine’s Day 2021

First Hear and Listen with Intent to Learn and Act

One of the contemplative song writers I have come to appreciate is Christopher Grundy who has a way of creating a mystical calling when you are in search of a meditative mood. His song, Invocation, offers the listener an invitation…

Our Common Thread

An Introduction

Over the last couple of decades, I’ve had the opportunity to travel widely throughout the world. Those trips, especially over the last decade, have taken me to all manner of temples, shrines, and churches representing multiple religious traditions. In particular, I’ve been struck by the…

Kevin Fickenscher

An MD/executive leader with thoughts and observations on the world at large as we continue our journey of the digital transformation of life, culture & society.

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